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Posted By: Crystal
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Date Posted: 2014-04-08
You must be a FULL member to see the show!! See my time on the right side of my site here ----> On this date at this time, click "LIVE SEX CHAT". Log-in to your account with me (same username and password you chose for my site!) Choose "EVENT ROOM" and enter the password! The password will be emailed to you (FULL MEMBERS!) Make sure to check your junk mail if you dont get my password, but remember, you have to be a FULL PAYING MEMBER!! Please "Contact me" if you are a full member and you do not receive the password by tomorrow!! If you join before Saturday night, the password will be emailed to you!! Thanks Guys! I hope to see you there this Saturday for some fun and cum!! *Kissssss*

Posted By: Crystal
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Date Posted: 2014-03-18
Im wearing a little pink nightie, i tease you with my big titties, mmmm.. then i finger my pussy for you and cum over and over!! Watch me cum! Hear me scream for more! Ohh it feels so good inside me! Come see this video now! Members ONLY! Not a member? JOIN NOW FOR INSTANT ACCESS!!

Posted By: Crystal
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Date Posted: 2014-03-05
If you want a live XXX show with me, and you dont see me online, send me an email and lets make a date for a time that is good for you!!! I would love to cum with you, mmmm..

Posted By: Crystal
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Date Posted: 2014-02-22
Want to see me fuck your cock with my tits? Mmmm, come see my new video... full members only! I suck your cock, lick your cock, tease your cock, fuck your cock with my titties in different positions and then stroke your cock off till you cum all over my big tits.. mmmm.. I love when you cover me in your cum! CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO PAGE!

Posted By: Crystal
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Date Posted: 2014-02-08
G-String and High Heels
Im wearing nothing but a tiny g-string and a pair of sexy black high heels.. I wish you were behind me while i am in this position! Mmmm.. i want you to play with me baby!

Posted By: Crystal
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Date Posted: 2014-01-19
Playing With My Pussy For You
When i think about you, i get so excited. I want to touch myself.. i just cant help but touch myself, mmm.. i rub my tits... squeeze them... make my nipples hard, play with them, mmmmmmm yesss.. it makes me so wet! I rub my titties, pinching my nipples, squeezing them.. i run my hand slowly down my stomach, and over my panties, mmmmm.. yeah.. i am getting so wet already.. i tease my clit over my panties, i cant wait to get inside.. i pull my panties down and spread my legs wide open.. i want it inside me!! I slowly rub and tease my clit, sliding my middle finger deep inside.. i let out a moan, ohhh it feels so good.. i want it harder.. i NEED it harder! I tease my pussy some more, alternating between fucking it and rubbing my clit. It feels so warm, i can feel my juices flowing, i need to cum! I fuck it harder and harder.. mmmm.. deeper and deeper.. fucking my horny pussy.. ramming my tight pussy... taking it like a horny little slut.. I think about your cock inside me, ramming me, Mmmmm...i am going to cum!! I am going to cum so hard.. i ram it harder and harder, deeper and faster.. OH YESSS!! Im cumming! Im cummingggg! I lean my head back as the erotic rush of pleasure runs through my body and I enjoy every thrust inside my pretty pussy...Im cumming so hard for you.. my pussy convulses in orgasm over and over as i still fuck it.. i feel my warm cum dripping out of my pussy as i continue thrusting in and out of me, MmMmm... it feels so good!! I suck the cum off my fingers, slide them back inside and suck them again.. Mmmm my sweet cum tastes so good... and i really want to cum again! Would you like to join me this time?

Posted By: Crystal
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Date Posted: 2014-01-08
Stripping and dancing for you, stripping my clothes off for you and playing with myself for you.. see me cum a few times in this hot and sexy video!! Members only! Join now for instant access to this XXX video and many many more!!

Posted By: Crystal
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Date Posted: 2014-01-01
I wish everyone all the best for 2014!! Thank you to the members that we able to make the show today! I will be doing more free shows for members! Stay tuned for more!! Thank you for your love and support over the past year, im looking forward to spending another year with all of you!

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